Remove Dip Powder Nails

Dip powder nails are a popular choice for those who want long-lasting and durable manicures. However, when it comes time to remove them.

What you will need:

1. Pure acetone 2. Cotton balls or lint-free pads 3. Aluminum foil 4. Nail file or buffer 5. Orangewood stick or cuticle pusher 6. Nail buffer 7. Moisturizer

File down the top coat

Use a nail file or buffer to gently file down the top coat of your dip powder nails. This will help the acetone penetrate the powder and remove it more easily.

Soak your nails in acetone

Pour a small amount of pure acetone into a bowl or small container. Soak your nails in the acetone for 10-15 minutes. The dip powder should start to soften and loosen.

Wrap your nails in aluminum foil

After soaking your nails in acetone, wrap each nail in a piece of aluminum foil. This will help to keep the acetone from evaporating.

Remove the foil and gently scrape away the dip powder

Remove the aluminum foil from your nails. Use an orangewood stick or cuticle pusher to gently scrape away the softened dip powder.

Buff your nails

After removing the dip powder, buff your nails with a nail buffer to smooth out any rough edges.

Moisturize your nails

Dip powder nails can be drying, so it is important to moisturize your nails after removing them. Use a cuticle oil or hand lotion to help restore moisture to your nails and cuticles.