9 Best Winter Nail Ideas You'll Want to Copy This Season

Enjoy your beautiful Winter Nail Ideas.

Winter Midnight

Capture the essence of a starry winter night with this deep blue base and delicate white snowflakes. Use a nail brush to create small white dots, then add a top coat for extra shine.

Snowflake Magic

Embrace the beauty of snowflakes with this intricate design. Apply a sheer base, then use a fine nail brush and dotting tool to create snowflakes in various sizes.

Cozy Sweater Nails

Channel the warmth of a cozy sweater with this textured design. Start with a base of your favorite pastel or earthy hue, then use a nail brush to create sweater-like lines.

Rose Gold Shimmer

Add a touch of elegance with this shimmering rose gold manicure. Apply a sheer base, then create a gradient effect with a rose gold sparkle polish.

Holly Wreaths

Celebrate the festive season with these miniature holly wreaths. Apply a sheer base, then use fine nail brushes to create delicate red berries and green pine needles.

Evergreen Enchantment

Emulate the beauty of winter greenery with this deep green and silver combination. Apply a deep green base, then add silver accents like snowflakes or winter foliage

Polar Bear Pals

Use a paint chip nail effect, painting each nail a different shade of blue, then draw on a cute polar bear face as an accent nail.

Fair Isle Knits

Embrace the intricate patterns of Fair Isle knitting with this nail art design. Use fine nail brushes to create colorful geometric shapes and patterns.