How to Strengthen Nails: Make weak nails strong with these 5 tips

Long and beautiful nails look very beautiful and nowadays it is also in fashion. But, lengthening the nails is not an easy task. Most women complain that their nails break quickly. Actually nails can become weak due to lack of nutrition in the body.

This problem can occur due to deficiency of calcium, iron, protein etc. in the body. If your nails are weak then you can adopt some easy methods to make them strong. Let’s learn, how to make your nails strong.

Make nails strong in these ways

Certain methods can not only make your nails beautiful, but they can also be equally strong. Some of its tips are as follows-

Take biotin supplement-

  • Biotin is also known as Vitamin H and Vitamin B7.
  • It is water-soluble so it cannot be stored in the body.
  • Keep in mind that consume it daily. Consuming this makes hair and nails strong.
  • You can get these from cooked eggs, legumes etc.

Come in contact with water less

  • Nails become weak and brittle due to excessive exposure to water.
  • So wear gloves before doing any work in water.

Stay hydrated

  • Getting enough water is essential for our health. But, it is also beneficial for nails.
  • Nails can become brittle and break quickly due to not enough moisture.
  • By drinking enough water, they will get enough moisture and they will become strong.

Eating right

  • Keep in mind that you eat a diet rich in nutrients and take multivitamins and minerals along with it.
  • The lack of nutrients in the body can affect the whole body, including the nails.
  • Be sure to consult a doctor before taking any new supplement.

Use products wisely

  • Use any product very carefully like nail polish, remover, hand sanitizer and cleaning products etc. Because, the chemicals present in them can make your nails weak.
  • Also avoid using gel or acrylic nails. Whenever you remove the polish or you feel that your nails are not hydrated enough, use a hand cream on them.
  • You can do this even after washing your hands.

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